Bitcoin developer who lost Bitmain funding gets incentive from Coinbase developer

The Coinbase Crypto Community Fund was awarded to João Barbosa and another developer.

The Coinbase exchange granted its first Bitcoin Core developer concessions, and a well-known name is among those contemplated.

The Portuguese João Barbosa and 0xB10C, pseudonym of another developer, were selected winners earlier this week. Although the funding figures were not disclosed, Coinbase said that both developers „will be funded to work on Bitcoin Pro for the entire year 2021″ in amounts payable via BTC or USD.

As Coinbase states:

„Both candidates have demonstrated a consistent track record of contributing to Bitcoin Core and have provided the Fund’s advisory board […] with a clear and practical outline of the projects they intend to work on. ”

Barbosa’s work was funded by the Bitmain cryptomite mining company before the incentives were abruptly cut along with funding from fellow developer Jonas Schnelli.

Today, I lost my sponsorship.

After more than 3 years, Bitmain decided to stop financing Bitcoin Core developers (also João Barbosa / promag).

Thanks Bitmain for all the help (despite the disagreement we had)!

Barbosa’s development work is focused on improving the Bitcoin Core user experience on Android and iOS mobile devices. He plans to use the grant money to develop a Bitcoin Core GUI based on the Qt Quick framework.

Coinbase announced its Crypto Community Fund in October as a way to sponsor the development of the Bitcoin Core code base. Depending on the success of the first grants, Coinbase plans to expand the program to other types of crypto projects in the future.

Bitcoin was launched in early 2009 without any fundraising or incentives for developers. The first developers helped pave the way for the emergence of new monetary ecosystems. Now, there are more than 8,100 cryptomoks disputing adoption in various sectors, use cases, and geographic locations.

João Barbosa did not respond to the requests for comments.