Don’t Miss Out: Attend the Finance Magnates Africa Summit for an Unforgettable Experience

• The Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS23) is an opportunity to meet influential people in the African financial sector.
• Over 3,000 attendees, 70 exhibitors and 50 experts will be present at the Summit.
• The Summit also hosts VIP events such as a closing party and Hollywood-themed blitz party.

Finance Magnates Africa Summit

The Finance Magnates Africa Summit FMAS23 is a one-of-a-kind event that offers the chance to connect with some of the most influential people in the African financial sector. With over 3,000 attendees from around the world, 70 exhibitors and 50+ experts sharing their knowledge and experience, this summit is certainly not one to miss out on.

Global Audience Size Exceeds 3,000

Thanks to its global reach, over 3,000 attendees are expected to attend this year’s summit – giving you plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections with other professionals in your field. This gathering is perfect for those who want to network and save time searching for brokers by having them all in one location.

Over 70 Exhibitors

70 different brokers will be present at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit – each offering something special that could benefit your business or trading career. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and find out which broker best suits your needs.

More Than 50 Experts Will Share Their Knowledge

This year’s summit has already drawn many influential figures in the field who will share their knowledge and expertise with attendees during various presentations and talks throughout the duration of FMAS23. Learn from world-class leaders who have achieved success in their respective fields and use what they teach you to take your company or career to greater heights!

VIP Events & Parties

At the end of a long day of work comes relaxation: enjoy a VIP closing party at Sandton San Deck followed by a Hollywood-themed blitz party where you can socialize with fellow professionals in a unique atmosphere – all while taking advantage of luxurious amenities available only at these exclusive gatherings! Don’t forget that networking never stops even when fun begins!