Ether close to three-year high

For the first time in three years, the Ethereum (ETH) exchange rate has come close to $1400. The coin could renew its all-time high within the next 24 hours.

The altcoin rose to $1340 on Sunday, January 10. ETH’s capitalization has added more than 10% and now stands at $151.181 billion.

Ethereum has only once soared above $1400 in its entire history. That was on January 14, 2018. The coin is now ready not only to repeat the run of three years ago, but also to show a much better performance.

The Skew team drew attention to the escalating volatility of the ether as early as 7 January. Analysts predict that the next so-called „alt-season“ could result in a surge not only in ETH, but also in other digital currencies following bitcoin.

BTC is currently trading around $41,000. Bitcoin traders have calmed down for a while, supporting the largest cryptocurrency and preventing it from falling below $39,000. Investors can now concentrate on supporting altcoins. Ether will get the lion’s share of the capital in this situation.