Oasis Network: the launch of the Mainnet sparks the enthusiasm for DeFi

After focusing the attention of observers for several months, the Mainnet of Oasis Network is officially active. Considered one of the flagship projects of 2020, it will allow developers to benefit from an infrastructure with attributes related to anonymity, security and scalability.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Oasis Labs, as part of their community grant campaign.

An expected Mainnet

It was on November 18, 2020 that the launch of the Crypto Comeback Pro was formalized. Bringing together nearly 75 independent validators, the company describes itself as the first “scalable blockchain , guaranteeing the anonymity of its contributors, and able to support anonymous DeFi applications as well as the tokenization of data”

Binance has also accompanied this launch in the most beautiful way, by offering its users the trading of the native ROSE token. It is now tradable through ROSE / USDT, ROSE / BUSD and ROSE / BTC pairs.

In 2018, the Oasis network had raised 45 million private funds, from the best investors in the crypto sphere. It was among others a16zcrypto, Binance, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital who had guaranteed the financing of the project.

Indeed, the launch of the initiative caused a stir thanks to a shock team , but also the potential for a revolution to take place in a data market, haunted by the risks of infringement of private freedoms.

The technical solution developed by Oasis Labs is, moreover, one of the most innovative in the sector. The introduction of ParaTimes, TEE, parcel and the Oasis Gateway give developers a panel of more than attractive tools to build dApps in accordance with the wishes of users.

DeFi in the sights

The protocol quickly found its audience. The team has forged partnerships with Binance within the CryptoSafe Alliance , and daily supports the infrastructures of companies such as Nebula Genomics and other companies belonging to the Fortune 500 segment (leading medical sector).

The Oasis network differs mainly from other protocols by offering APIs allowing companies to freely define the level of security linked to access to sensitive data . Users, for their part, can accumulate ROSE tokens when they stake their information within applications operating via the Oasis Network.