The Uniswap governance case will be discussed in a virtual meeting

The meeting entitled „Governance in DeFi: The case of Uniswap“ will be held on 30 September.

For this Wednesday 30 September, at 2:00 pm (-4 UTC), a digital meeting will be held on the Blockchain Summit Latam YouTube channel entitled „Governance in DeFi: The case of Uniswap“. The meeting will represent the new beginning of the Blockchain Summit Latam seminars, which had a short 2-week break.

As can be seen in the video description, the meeting is expected to discuss UNI tokens, Yield Farming and the different aspects of governance that are being generated within the DeFi ecosystem.

Juan Pablo Mejía from JuanEnCripto, Guillermo Abellan from DeFi Lab, Pablo Candela from AAVE, JJ Campuzano from LexCryptografica and Cristóbal Pereira from LatAmTech, who will also host the meeting, will participate in this particular debate.

We spoke with Pereira in order to learn more about Bitcoin Evolution, which he told us at the beginning that „in recent months, with the development of the DeFi ecosystem, it is not only the creation of new financial products that are accessible, interoperable and global, but also the concept of governance has strongly emerged in the projects that are offering these new products“.

He also recalled that everything started with MakerDAO and its MKR token, to make the decisions in the stablecoin DAI, adding that „this year there was a turning point with the creation of the so-called Yield Farming, when Compound started this new trend. Without a doubt, the most surprising was Uniswap’s token, which gave 400 UNI to all those who operated on its platform until September 1, 2020“, recalling that this token issued by the decentralized exchange will serve to enable the community to participate in the project’s decisions and obtain future benefits.

If you are interested in being able to watch and participate in this digital meeting which will be held live at 2:00 pm (-4 UTC) this Wednesday 30th September, you can do so from here.